NFL, Media Buzzing About Boorish Behavior Toward Female Reporter

TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz during a Super Bowl media day.

One of the hottest topics after Week 1 of the NFL season has been something that didn’t happen on the gridiron, but rather in the locker room—players’ behavior toward female reporters.

Members of the New York Jets (both players and coaches) acted immaturely toward TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz during her visit to a practice to do a story on quarterback Mark Sanchez. Sainz was subjected to catcalls from players, and during one practice drill an assistant coach seemingly went out of his way to have players catch passes near where Sainz was standing.

Opinions on the incident have varied, but the majority of opinions have rightly been that the Jets were wrong for making Sainz feel uncomfortable by their behavior. A small minority, however, have said that Sainz brings the attention to herself by the way the former Miss Universe contestant dresses and behaves (her attire and actions at past Super Bowl media days had previously created headlines).

The incident also once again stirred up the decades-old debate about whether female journalists should be allowed in NFL locker rooms for postgame interviews.

Washington Post sports writer Dan Steinberg, who is featured prominently in Media Relations in Sport, 3rd Edition, used his D.C. Sports Blog as a forum for shooting down opinions of fans who believe female reporters don’t belong in NFL locker rooms. Steinberg’s Washington Post colleague Cindy Boren also weighed in on her blog regarding reporters being in NFL locker rooms.


One Response to NFL, Media Buzzing About Boorish Behavior Toward Female Reporter

  1. educlaytion says:

    Interesting thoughts. I’ve been thinking about these types of stories all week myself. I posted that same Dan Steinberg piece in my post today. It’s good.

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